CLRN Publishing, under its QBooks imprint presents ‘POSSESSED-a history of law & justice in the crown colony of Lagos, 1861-1906’ on the 17th of October, 2014 at Lagos City Hall.


Lagos was already POSSESSED by Britain when in 1862 Henry Pelham–Clinton, Duke of Newcastle and Secretary of State for Colonies agonised; he worried that “the original sin of taking possession of Lagos” would lead to meddling by force of arms by the British government. He couldn’t have realised how prophetic his concerns would be. From 1851 up till 1906, the British Imperial Navy and its collaborators would use force and random justice to achieve this possession and more – it would ultimately lead to a forced amalgamation of Lagos Colony, firstly to a Niger coast (Southern) protectorate and then with the Northern protectorate in 1914. Along the way the story of brave individual and collective struggle against imperial control reveals heroism, courage and defiance of the Lagos Africans in order to resist domination at first and then to survive its consequences-The Crown Colony of Lagos.

This is a new and revealing view of hidden accounts, court evidence, testimony and papers of enquiry showing how colonisation employed “law and justice” to achieve its pernicious objectives – changing the course and African society.



 Olasupo Shasore, SAN, is of the Nigerian inner bar, a leading Senior Advocate of Nigeria. Between 2007 and 2011, he served as the Attorney-General of Lagos State, Nigeria. During his time in public service, he led reforms in Public Law and the Magistracy with a focus on the improved delivery of services in the legal and judicial sector.

He facilitated the introduction of a new Criminal Law and issued the first guidelines in the state for Prosecutors and Mediators. He serves as the Chairman of the Lagos State Law Reform Commission and is also elected the President of the Lagos Court of Arbitration.

His other books include Jurisdiction and Sovereign Immunity (Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, 2007) and Commercial Arbitration Law and International Practice in Nigeria (LexisNexis, 2012). This is his first book on history.



 CLRN Publishing is an independent publishing company committed to producing the highest quality content for our audience. Our current portfolio includes the following imprints: Q Books, The Kuramo Report and CLRN Direct with more imprints to come.
Our goal is to publish a range of titles from cultural history to contemporary fiction and non-fiction as well as academic and specialised work. Our intention is to produce works that preserve the stories of significant events and distil the spirit of their time.

Our Q Books imprint provides premium self-publishing services for our diverse clients. Our specialty packages cover general fiction, non-fiction, business, education, communication materials and children’s books. With our expert team of editors, we provide clients not only with professional editorial services, but also consultation to shape the idea for a book to reach and engage its intended audience. We are committed to delivering excellent and comprehensive services to our clients at the best competitive cost.

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