Have you ever read a book and by the time you got to the 2nd chapter you were already bored?

Also have you ever read a book and by the time you got to the 2nd chapter you were fixated and so eager to dive into the next chapter?

Well I love books, I read books and trust me I have come across different kinds of books, so I have decided to categorise them into 3 groups:

The first is ‘A BOOK’: This is where my first question fits in. You start reading a book, get bored in the process and eventually dump the book even before you get half way. Now that’s just ‘A book’.


The 2nd category is ‘A GOOD BOOK’: A good book is a good book; you start the book, it caught your attention and YES you did FINISH reading it, BUT, you don’t see yourself reading it again. Well that makes it JUST a good book.


Now the last and my favourite is ‘A GREAT BOOK’: you start reading, the 1st chapter held you spell bound, the 2nd chapter wowed you, the 3rd mesmerised you all the way to the end. Because of this particular book you had sleepless nights; you wish the book never ended. Trust me you really won’t mind reading it all over again if you get the chance and you will also recommend it to others. Now that’s what I call a great book.

great book

After all is said and done, what then makes a book great?

Truth is different things make up a great book; different people have different opinions on what a great book is. A book might be awesome to someone and the same book might bore another, maybe because they both have different interests. But if a book is great, trust me you will be interested even if at first you’re not.

Here are some few elements I feel make up a great book:

  • The content, plot
  • The theme of the book
  • The characters (if it is fiction); ensure they are memorable because they make the story come alive.
  • An interesting voice
  • A vivid setting especially for fiction books, make it seem real
  • A gripping story and many more factors…

Susan Meier once said ‘keep your reader spell bound with good characters who appear in well-written scenes, with good grammar and perfect word choices that pull them so far into the story they start seeing pictures not reading words….and those readers will say your book is great’.

What elements do you think are essential to a great book?

Mojisola Coker