Nick Thacker through his blog LiveHacked.com, writes about writing as well as the many tasks the modern writer takes on as a digital entrepreneur. In this article he addresses the importance of your book cover and how indie authors can get it right. Why You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover… …Because everyone […]

QPL Interviews: Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam

Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam was born and grew up in Kenya. She has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from the University of Toronto and now works in Nairobi as a property developer. She is married with two daughters. Her published works include: Baby Star –a children’s book, Packed Lunch – short story published in “All the Small Things”, Imani’s […]

Substantive Editing, Copy Editing Or Proofreading?

  Both beginner and experienced writers often wonder what differences (if any) there are between the various types of editing. Knowing the difference makes getting feedback on your writing easier when you know what exactly it is you need done. The publishing process is in different parts: When a writer submits a manuscript, there are […]

Show Don’t Tell

  ‘Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.’ – Ernest Hemmingway Almost every writer has heard the classic writing rule ‘show don’t tell’, but not everyone understands it. Telling is useful when writing as it is supplying information, but that is not enough. To make a story more real and effectively capture the reader, ‘showing’ […]

QPL Interviews: Mandy Collins

Mandy Collins is a South African journalist and author with a passion for words and wonderful stories. She lives in Johannesburg with her two teenage daughters and two slightly deranged dogs. Her story Dad Goes to School was longlisted for the Golden Baobab Picture Book Prize in 2013.   Have you always wanted to be a […]

Why I Write

Originally posted on philmcclennan:
Clash Of Worlds. Out now on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Clash-Worlds-Philip-Mcclennan-ebook/dp/B018T0BDMG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1450732372&sr=1-1&keywords=clash+of+worlds  Why do I write? It’s pretty simple. Writing brings up so many possibilities when anything and everything are possible. When you write, you are the god. You have total freedom and deep control over the world. You can make things the way you want…


In an interview with distinguished stockbroker, Tola Mobulorin, the author muses about Nigerians and our seemingly short memory. It is therefore fitting that For Sam: A Collection of Contemporary Thoughts by Jimi Disu, challenges that sense of amnesia because it contains accounts which anyone who desires to know about Nigeria, its peoples, politics and history, […]