Jimi Disu

Jimi Disu is veteran journalist covering politics in the span of his lengthy career in the fourth estate. His interviews with high profile Nigerians have been featured in THIS DAY and Vanguard newspapers, and he has made guest appearances on Channels Television’s “Sunrise morning show”. Currently, he runs a Saturday morning show on TV Continental, serves as a resident analyst on Front Page News and anchors a programme called “Discourse with Jimi Disu”. He has been a judge for over ten years in the famed Diamond Award for Media Excellence (DAME), an award organisation for media practitioners in Nigeria.  He is the author of recently released essays – For Sam: A Collection of Contemporary Thoughts – consisting of interviews of notable Nigerians that he has conducted over the years.


  1. What would you describe as the highlight of your journalism career?

 I think the highlight is what I am doing now. I am doing two radio programs that have been highly acknowledged. I have worked in the media up to director level and this is like a good pension plan for me.


  1. How did you get into journalism?

I didn’t get into it, I was born into it. Way back in primary school – Corona, I had been involved in magazine production and writing, and television programs.


  1. You have conducted interviews with high profile Nigerian leaders, what would you say is good leadership?

Good leadership speaks for itself. Leaders must have a vision and be prepared to make sacrifice for those they are leading.


  1. For Sam is your first book. What was the central idea you were trying to illuminate through the interviews with your subjects in the book?

Their thoughts, simple!


  1. For young aspiring journalist, what would you advise is the best way to tell a story through an interview?

Most important develop your style and stick to it.

See you at his book reading coming up on Saturday, 20 February by 4.30pm at Jazzhole.

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