One of Africa’s finest Poets, Efe Paul Azino took some time to answer some questions about his craft and his journey. He is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s leading performance poets. Efe has been a headliner at many of the nation’s premier poetry venues. He is the founder and director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival, director […]

QPL Book Review: The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales

  Ayo Sogunro is well known as one of our illustrious twitter lords over on “Naija Twitter”. In real life, he is a lawyer and a human rights activist…wait, it also says here that he is a writer. The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales is a collection of short stories and […]


The QPL interviewee for our ‘Poetry’ month is the lovely Wana Udobang. Wana is a broadcaster, writer, poet and filmmaker. The themes in her work cover personal identities, women’s rights and socio-cultural realities. She has worked as a freelance features producer and presenter for the BBC Radio4, BBC world service and Resonance FM. She has been […]


  The main purpose of narrative writing is to tell a story. Its goal is to answer the question: “What happened then?” Novels, short stories, novellas, poetry, and biographies can all fall in the narrative writing style. The author creates different characters, and then tells the reader what happens to them. Narrative writing has definite […]

QPL Book Review: Satans and Shaitans

Want suspense? Want suspense set in Nigeria? Want suspense set in Nigeria with an eerily realistic almost prophetic premise? Well look no further! This first book by Obinna Udenwe is a thriller very worth the read. Obinna took several situations we are facing in Nigeria and managed to weave them expertly into this thick web […]