QPL Book Review: Satans and Shaitans


Want suspense? Want suspense set in Nigeria? Want suspense set in Nigeria with an eerily realistic almost prophetic premise? Well look no further! This first book by Obinna Udenwe is a thriller very worth the read. Obinna took several situations we are facing in Nigeria and managed to weave them expertly into this thick web of intrigue and thrills. All through the book you will keep asking: “Are you sure this is not how it really happened? But, how did he know?”


Granted, there are elements of the book that could have been done without. The love story was told from such a point of innocence it is so endearing you (almost!) forgive the gaucheness.  But definitely, Satans and Shaitans delivers on the thriller part. The intrigue is just enough to still be believable. The ending…go read the book and decide for yourself.


Be on the lookout for surreptitiously placed messages from which all of us can learn.

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