A Biography of A Nation

Quramo Publishing Limited is pleased to introduce our new title, A Platter of Gold, a thrilling tour through a critical period leading to Nigeria’s independence. In this critically acclaimed new work, Olasupo Shasore, SAN, explores the premise that the British Empire handed Nigeria over on a platter of gold; without struggle, without incident. A Platter […]

Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon: Series 2

Yesterday, we began the countdown to the release of Nike Campbell-Fatoki’s Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon.  Read the first excerpt if you have not done so already. The story is continued below.  My shift ended at 7 a.m. I enjoyed the graveyard shift unlike Damon and Leroy, my colleagues. They preferred to spend their nights partying. I […]

Book Review: The Progress of Love by Alice Munro

Because we are all born and will die it can seem convenient to imagine the trajectory of life as a straight line connecting these two major events but anyone with any modicum of introspection can deduce that this is not the case. The path of one’s life, though assumed to be better the more linear […]

Defrag Your Sentences

Writers are constantly reminded to be concise, to cull the unnecessary word. While this is generally a good advice, writers can leave out essential elements of a sentence in the process and cull necessary words instead. Fragments are incomplete sentences Incomplete sentence disrupt the flow and confuse readers. Usually, fragments are pieces of sentences that have […]

Book Review: Aminatta Forna’s ‘The Memory of Love’

Memory of Love starts leisurely, taking you into the internal workings of the mind of an old man, his frail state and his small world. You learn how he preserves his memories, and how he visits them frequently, and how being at the end of his life there is nowhere else to go but to […]


The QPL interviewee for our ‘Rebirth’ month is the beautiful Tolu Falode. Tolu Falode is a law graduate, writer, blogger and motivational speaker. She shares stories from her heart to help people advance in their faith, relationships and destiny. She is the author of Gift of Grace. Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is […]