Substantive Editing, Copy Editing Or Proofreading?

  Both beginner and experienced writers often wonder what differences (if any) there are between the various types of editing. Knowing the difference makes getting feedback on your writing easier when you know what exactly it is you need done. The publishing process is in different parts: When a writer submits a manuscript, there are […]

Call for Submissions for Children’s Stories

            CLRN Publishing is calling for submissions from writers for children’s stories for ages 3 – 17 which will be published under a new imprint. Stories will range from young adult fiction to educational, non fiction and historical text. We are keen on telling African stories that preserve culture and […]

Call for Submissions – Qbooks

          CLRN Publishing is calling for submissions for our Q Books imprint. Q Books focuses on contemporary non fiction stories based on our modern history. We want to tell significant stories about the moments and events that changed and shaped our lives. These events may be political, historical, or based on […]