The QPL interviewee for our ‘Rebirth’ month is the beautiful Tolu Falode.

Tolu Falode is a law graduate, writer, blogger and motivational speaker. She shares stories from her heart to help people advance in their faith, relationships and destiny. She is the author of Gift of Grace.


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Tolu Falode. I’m a law graduate, blogger, writer, and motivational speaker. I enjoy meeting people, sharing ideas, talking about faith and relationships to help people move forward in life.


  1. Last year, you published your book ‘Gift of Grace’. What was the motivation behind your writing this book?

Gift of Grace was in more ways than one, the genesis of who I have become after losing my brother Toba. I wrote it primarily because I felt like his story needed to be heard and I was the only one positioned to tell it. I was in pain but God gave me strength to proceed with what needed to be done: allow Toba’s voice to be heard.


  1. How was it for you, writing a story this deeply personal?

It was difficult but it was also therapeutic. I was able to connect with my emotions through words-somehow writing filtered my thoughts into recognizable feelings and it helped me immensely through the pain.


  1. Are you ready to write another book?

I certainly haven’t stopped writing-I write all the time now-it seems like I can’t even stop! So yes, I am ready to write another book but its not the right time yet. I am still working on sharing Gift of Grace with the local and international community.


  1. In addition to writing, you are also a blogger and recently just started vlogging; vlogging is a new form of expression, tell us how you got into it and how it’s been so far.

I got into vlogging because I just felt like it was time for me to extend my platform for helping people. And now I share my thoughts and my tips on dealing with faith, relationships and destiny on my Youtube page: Tolu Falode.

It was really an organic decision-I first started writing on my blog, and then decided to start doing audio messages and somehow that evolved into making a visual presentation to connect more with my audience. I’m really happy with this decision so far. I’m excited to see where it will lead me. The journey is just beginning!

Her book Gift of Grace is available at bookstores.


Tolu Falode shares messages on: tolufalode.com

And on her Youtube page: Tolu Falode.


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